Finally get to measure wellness, compare your snapshots of wellness.

Accurate data generated by the Smart Health Pin combined with data coming from cardio trackers like Apple watch/phone and logged nutrition data is used to develop complete wellness profile snapshot. Compare your snapshots,taken at different times, make a report of your progress to wellness.

Members can now see progress towards their fitness and wellness goals.

Measure and chart your health and wellness over a period of time.

Measure your health during your fitness program using easy to understand graphs and rich media.

Get weekly and monthly reports on your wellness progress.

You, your trainer and your nutritionist can help you understand what is helping you and build a wellness route for you.

Members now have data and trainer help.

It’s like having your friendly fitness professional always by your side helping you on your road to wellness.

Attract people of all ages & genders concerned about their health

Get new members, attract members to weight room, New members, more non dues.