Smart Weight Pin- Industry Changing IOT based technology

Members use Smartband to personalize the selectorized weight machine and start auto tracking their workouts. Smart bands provide a new source for monetization of your weight room. Smart Weight Pin auto tracks sets, reps, effective weight measured 40 times a second, range, tempo, energy and calories spent, power and max power. Chart the way to fitness, make a new fitness story for your members.

More fitness, more members, weight room monetized.

Provide industry changing services to your members.

Create new revenue source and provide a sticky service. Change your member’s outlook of fitness.

Convert any Selectorized weight machine to auto track

Simply select the weight you want to lift and personalize the selectorized weight machine by your smart band.

Empower your trainers.

Trainers now track strength & fitness, to ensure members achieve their goals.

See your non dues soar, organize effective small group training.

Trainers organize small group training, virtually tracks and coach each member.