Smart Health Clubs Single Platform

Published on September 18, 2020

Mike Alpert
COO Smart Health Clubs at Smart Health Clubs

September 9, 2020

I met Praveen Kayshap four years ago at The Claremont Club to learn more about a workout tracker that he had developed that would measure the weight, number of sets and reps that a member was doing on a specific strength machine. During our early conversations I began to express to him that I saw a disjointed member experience as the root cause of the technical problems faced by our Fitness industry and that if we could have a Single Member engagement platform it would become a game changer.

For far too long club operators were forced to purchase and offer multiple software apps in order to be able to inform their members of information the member had shown an interest in receiving. These included fitness plans, nutrition counseling, e-commerce, loyalty programs, calendars and notifications, live streaming and fitness on demand, website and many more. In each case your member has to log in and set up a username and password; remember them all; toggle back and forth for check-in, information , to reserve a class, etc. It is confusing, time consuming and costly and no one does it on a regular basis. The result is a loss of member engagement; loss of opportunity; loss of revenue and higher member attrtition.

For the past four years we have been working together developing and refining this vision. Alongside industry experts and leaders we have formed research and development teams and an executive advisory board to create a system that exceeds the needs of the members and the Clubs.

The solution is an All-in-One Single Platform from Smart Health Clubs that offers the following:

  • Branded App
  • Bar Code for check-in
  • Group Exercise Schedule by day, time, class type, instructor
  • Advance Group Exercise Module that allows for substitute instructors which populates payroll with single button clicks
  • Flash Notifications
  • Booking & Attendance Reservation system
    • Book a Class
    • Book a Bike
    • Book a Swim Lane
    • Book a Court
  • Booking & Attendance Reservation system
    • On Demand Video Library
    • Live Streaming

Group Exercise – available today

Personal Training – One on One Coming October

  • Allows for Tier Pricing
  • Social Networking – Feeds, Posts, and Groups
  • Nutrition Counseling and Food Plans
  • E-Commerce: coming soon

The Smart Health Clubs Platform is an opportunity for SaaS (software as a service) technologies to integrate with each other.

I truly believe that the Smart Health Clubs Single Platform is the solution that our industry has been looking for.

I encourage you to contact me for a demo of the Smart Health Clubs Platform.