Check Calendar, choose a class, pay for class, all from your App.

A great way to fitness, be a part of a group and train for fitness. Members can choose a class, an instructor and convenient schedule and pay for the class from the App. Instructor substitution is a breeze, no need for multiple emails and discussions, a couple of simple button clicks do it all. Classes are automatically added to your workout routine and logged for calories.

Announce, promote, schedule. Get the members in.

Group setting, convenient timings, instructor of choice makes for great fitness.

Announce the group classes on club social media, promote classes, schedule on calendar, give instructor profile, Attract members

Instructor substitution has never been easier.

Managers and Instructors can request for and get substitutes, all with just a couple of clicks on the App.

Group classes are great for networking.

Group of people in a class creates great social interactions, and is awesome for fitness. Make this happen outside the class as well.

Members sign up for a class, the rest happens automatically in the App.

Classes are automatically added to calendar, scheduled on members exercise log and burned calories recorded.