Optimize training, make strength training accessible to everyone.

Strength training although advised to most fitness enthusiasts, does not find ready audience. Members are afraid of injuries and in need of guidance. The App provides real time feedback on Trainer created plan on exercise, weight to be lifted, tempo, range and rest time. Trainers can now be virtually present with the clients on their off-days. Members accomplish their fitness goals effectively while following Trainers plans. Build up to fitness is methodical and in a steady progression.

Members receive Real time feedback, achieve fitness goals

Always be with your member on the road to fitness.

With real time tracking, trainer becomes a coach, to advise, encourage and motivate.

Incremental revenue source for the club and trainers.

Make personalized strength training plans, engage more members at one time. Enjoy the continuously ringing cash registers.

Virtually train your members on your off-days. More members for club & trainer.

Trainers can be with members virtually on off days and still make a effective road to the goal of fitness.

Sticky training services

Make your trainer's the only one offering plan with tracking, keep members’ engaged.