Monetize your new smartness

Attract the budget conscious fitness enthusiast and offer more to your high value members. Offer a variety of fitness plans personalized to suit every pocket and need for attention. Make multi-tiered program offering, differentiated by the number of consults given by trainer and nutritionist. Or simply sell plans. Get the plans with trainer, nutritionist and App support work for you. Bring in new members or get the members with basic membership to upgrade to goal and plan driven fitness.

Smart Health Clubs works for you- This is how

Price sheet for Gold Silver and Bronze programs.

Fitness simplified. Eliminate repetitive work of trainers and nutritionist. App supported trainers and nutritionists do more.

Deliver goal & plan driven fitness. Happier members stay longer.

Trainers and nutritionists personalize plans to meet member goal. Use detailed analytics in App to guide member and ensure progress.

Reduce cost of member upkeep

Your trainer and nutritionist can deliver goal & plan driven fitness without the need for in-person consults.

Add more non dues, more revenues

Make new plans, sell trainer driven, trainer assisted or just plans along with tracking in the App, to members inside or outside your club walls.