“Smart Weight Pin” - Auto-track member workouts on any selectorized weight machine

The smart weigh pin is an International patent pending device, based on “Internet of Things” (IoT) technology. This transformational technology is attracting hundreds of billions of dollars in investments. The technological and commercial development of the “Smart Weight Pin” is done by 4 PhD’s, who specialize Mechanical, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The product development and validation took more than two years and its journey is shown here.

Third time is a charm

Automatically track your sets, reps, effective weight, range, tempo, energy and calories spent, and max power; all measured very accurately 40 times a second. Now your weight room opens up to various applications in gaming, physical fitness, athletic strength and endurance.

International Patent

The Inventor

The founder Dr. Praveen Kashyap, specialized in multiple engineering domains; Computer Science, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. He worked and led R&D teams at Samsung and Motorola. He holds 20+ international and US patents and is a serial inventor. Praveen faced weight issues during his early life. He was inspired by his grandfather and uncles, who used to do vigorous exercises to stay fit. Praveen’s grandfather helped him to overcome these challenges by setting small but achievable goals and tracked them to completion. Praveen is now preoccupied with designing “Smart devices” with a vision of helping others achieve their Wellness goals.