Unleash the competitive spirit in your weight room.

Now along with the grunts from members from pushing and pulling weights, also get to see members pointing at the leaderboard, and talking, how much weight did you lift today? I lifted 6576 pounds today. 800 pounds away from getting on the leaderboard, will do better next time. How about you? The App post says- I was 3 seconds faster lifting 120 lbs. Stronger me.

Make your weight room the competition hub of your club

More friends, more posts, most selfies

Competition is motivating, so are friends, get both in your weights room.

Don’t need to advertise, my members do it for me.

Selfies from my weights room have gone up by 200% ever since…..

Make your weights room gender and age insensitive

Devise challenges for each age groups and genders. Ease your previously hesitant members to the weights room.

Be the first smart enabled club in your neighbourhood.

Build excitement in the fitness community, bring fitness enthusiasts rushing over.